Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Ok, We just got back from our week in the sun at Navajo Lake, NM. Our friend Jan makes up the cutest bags for each of us and fills them with all sorts of goodies, including lots of personal care items. It's always great because I get to try alot of different products that I probably wouldn't buy for myself. The best thing this year was the Neutrogena(c) Sport sunblock lotion. I have tried every sunscreen know to man since my youngest is fair skinned. After going through two spray cans of SPF 50 the first two days and watching her getting redder and redder, I finally dug around in my goodie bag and found this awesome product. It lasts along time, goes on smooth and is water and sweat proof. Brenna didn't even turn pink. This is my new fav for sunblocks and will definitely become a staple in our house for the summer. I will give this a rating of FIVE THIMBLES.

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