Monday, September 14, 2009

Victorian Bustle Cage Part Five

Last steps. Adding ties, and overlay. Your Done!! Send me pics of your cage. Brandie

Victorian Bustle Cage Part Four

Here is Part Four of How To Build A Victorian Bustle Cage. We will attach the waistband and build the overlay,which is optional, but kinda fun looking. You could get really crazy with the overlay and even make it interchangable. A different one for each function!! Brandie

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Victorian Bustle Cage Part 3

Ok, Here is Part 3. Not too bad so far. The only thing you have to pretend you don't see is the glaring mistake I made. Yes, me...mistake....:) I guess I'm not perfect after all...Which by the way is a total blow to my ego. I treid to skip a step later and sew the ties into the seam. Wrong side, as I discovered later. So, ignore the sight of the ties on the boning side. Duh.... and sew them in later on the side without the long boning channels. Have fun... You're almost done. Brandie

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Victorian Bustle Cage Part Two

Here is the second part of my Victorian Bustle Cage Video. In this part we are going to sew top part B together and add the boning channels. Have fun, Brandie

Claim for Technorati

Here is a post so that Technorati can find my blog. 2e9wu7rdx6 Hope this works now....:) Brandie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Victorian Bustle Cage

For all you renactors out there, or any of you who just want a really cool Halloween costume, here is Part One of my tutorial on how to build a victorian bustle cage. I'm using a pattern from Truly Victorian, TV101 Revised. I also bought the precut and pretipped boning from them which was totally worth the $8.00 that I paid for it. You will need the pattern, $14.00 from This pattern went together fairly easily. Even a new sewer could put this together. You could make this out of a solid color cotton, but you could also get a little crazy and experiment with a satin flounce and overlay. Maybe eyelet lace or fancy ruffles on the overlay. You could make different overlays and make them interchangable to match your dresses. The sky's the limit. I would still make the actual cage part, where the bones go, out of cotton just because it needs to be able to keep it's shape, plus it will never be seen. Have fun with this and post any questions you have. Brandie