Monday, July 6, 2009

Ahoy Matey!!!

Here are pictures of my son Ricky's room. It took about four days to paint with the help of my oldest daughter, Dara. We started out with a base coat of light blue on 2 1/2 of the four walls. This color doubled as the water in the reef and the sky. We also used this color for ceiling. Then we used a semi-gloss tan color for the base of the walls for the Captian's Cabin. Next, we used a natural sea sponge (an old bath scrubber works too, just make sure it is not a plastic, otherwise it will just drip paint everywhere.) to randomly rub streaks of a shade darker brown over the tan. Wet the sponge first with water and then dip lightly into your paint. Next, dab off the excess on newspaper or a plastic paint tray. You can also thin the paint slighty with water. This helps the paint work in easier so you don't get splotches of color instead of washes of color. The point here is too make it look like the varying colors of wood.
The rest of the painting was done with the inexpensive bottles of acrylic paints you can find at any craft store. We used black to make the lines on the cabin walls. Alot of inspration came from pictures on the internet. This project was not hard at all. If you feel like you can't draw free hand, use a projector to cast your image on the wall, and then trace lightly with a pencil. Argggg......

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